Mix Universe Early Playtest

Thankyou for taking an interest in playing Mix Universe! If you don’t have access already please go to the steam page by clicking below and make sure to hit the Request Access button!

NOTE: you might not get access right away, please be patient as I am rolling out the playtest in groups to help make feedback a bit less overwhelming!

Intro Video – Welcome to the early playtest!

Take a look through the current documentation

First set of tutorials are complete!


Give Feedback and Join the Community!

This process will continue to improve over time, right now we are small but slowly but surely things will improve over time as long you are willing to tell me what sucks and what is great!

Join the Discord

Mix Universe is only as good as the folks creating and sharing their mixes. I monitor discussions and take bug reports and feedback seriously! 

Fill out a form

If discord isn’t your thing, you can always fill out a form with detailed information of what it is you like, hate, or have found that is broken with Mix Universe.