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What is Mix Universe?

Mix Universe is a music game like no other. It started as a small idea of “What if I could link nodes together to make music”. 2.5 years later, that small idea has grown into a game that allows players to create their own node-based mixes in-game to share with each other and play. Currently the game is in the pre-alpha state which means there are a few more core features I’d like to get in very soon.

Click here for more information on the development process.


How do I play?

There will be several rounds of playtesting in the near future in order to obtain feedback on what I should do moving forward for design and UX. I have no shortage of ideas, but really I am wanting to get to a first release using Steam’s workshop integration so we can get things started. Mix Universe will only be as strong as those who Create, Share, and Play their mixes.


You can follow me on twitter for updates on how to get a key in the future.