A node-based music creation game like no other!

Key Features

  • Nodes can play sounds, show cool visuals, or even control other nodes!
  • Sounds can be chosen from a variety of built in libraries (Piano, Drums, Space Strings, Synths, and More)
  • Sounds can be altered by adding elements to them (Volume, Duration, Attack, Pitch, LFO, Filtering, Reverb, Delay, High Pass, Low Pass, Bit Crush, and More)
  • Nodes can be moved, rotated, scaled, and snapped to a grid.
  • Full functional undo and redo system.
  • Multiple Themes / Worlds/
  • Full Steam Workshop integration for saving and sharing mixes.

DISCLAIMER: Mix Universe is NOT a Digital Audio Workstation and also is not intended to be used for live performances. The features required to do so are beyond the scope and vision of this game.


Adding elements is as simple as clicking and dragging onto the nodes directly.

Nodes with rings can can have elements on them that affect all nodes in the ring